Change of Name/Address

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ACS Employees who wish to make a change of name and or address must follow the below instructions to make the necessary changes.

1. ACS Change of Name/Address/Phone Number

Click here to electronically update your name, address or phone number. Please click here if you have never created an account.

A copy of the new Social Security card bearing the name as requested for change must be uploaded when an employee wishes to change their legal name.

Upon receipt of the name change request and Social Security card the name change will be completed by Human Resources for records and payroll purposes, then forwarded to Technology for change in Google Mail and PowerSchool.  Please do not ask local school technology staff to change email addresses.


2. ALSDE Change of Name and/or Address

The State Department of Education requires this form in order to change names and addresses for Professional Educator or Leadership Certificates.

The ALSDE Change of Name or Address form is available by clicking here.


3. PEEHIP/RSA Change of Name and/or Address

Name and/or address changes for PEEHIP must be made on Member Online Services by the employee.  If the employee has a problem making the change online they may call 877-517-0020.


Name and/or address changes associated with organizations, credit unions, etc. must be handled by the employee directly with the specific organization(s).