Sick Leave Bank

The Alabaster City Schools Sick Leave Bank is established to provide a loan of leave days for participating members after their accumulated sick leave days have been exhausted. It is the purpose of the Sick Leave Bank to allow any school employee who earns sick leave and wishes to participate in the Sick Leave Bank to also have access to the catastrophic sick leave provisions as established by law.

Participation in the Sick Leave Bank is voluntary. Enrollment into the Sick Leave Bank shall be the first 30 days beginning the scholastic year, the month of January, or within 30 days of the hire date of a new employee.

The Sick Leave Bank is governed by a Committee elected by secret ballot by the participating members of the Sick Leave Bank.

The Committee shall review all applications for loans and make appropriate decisions on approval of such loans.

Sick Leave Bank Guidelines

Forms are available on the Human Resources page of the website.

Members of the Sick Leave Bank Committee are elected on a yearly basis.

 The members of the Committee for 2019-2020 are:

  • Holly Jackson, Chairperson
  • Ava Andrews
  • Mandy Wesson
  • Terri Williams
  • Kristy Densmore, Central Office