Employee Handbook

This handbook is intended to be a resource for employees and should be construed as a whole and with reference to related policies and applicable law.

Although this manual is intended to explain certain procedures and practices of the Board, it does not establish or create a legal right, claim, entitlement, or interest to or in any title, position, assignment, duty, work location, level or rate of compensation, benefit, or term of employment. In general, the Board reserves the right to adopt, revise, interpret, amend, repeal, suspend, or apply its policies and procedures according to its assessment of the needs and interests of the school system, subject only to such limitations on the exercise of such prerogatives as may be imposed by law. Changes or additions to the policies, procedures, rules, or benefit plan documents referred to or incorporated herein may have become effective since the publication of this material and such changes would supersede the contents of this handbook.

All forms associated with Human Resources can be found on the Human Resources Forms page or with your local bookkeeper. 

Human Resources related questions must be addressed to the Human Resources Department. Payroll questions must be addressed to the Finance Department. To contact either department, call (205) 663-8400.

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