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Advisory Committee Holds First Meeting; Provides Valuable Feedback

For the eleventh year in a row, ACS students have converged on the central office to meet with the superintendent to provide feedback about school year operations.

These students, selected for Dr. Wayne Vickers’ Superintendent Student Advisory Committee (SSAC), meet quarterly to provide their insights to the superintendent and his staff. In the November meeting, roughly 60 students representing all schools voiced their praise of school year operations as well as opportunities for improvement.

“Meeting with students is one of my highlights of the school year,” Dr. Vickers said. “What we hear from them is so incredibly important for me and my team. We want to know what’s working and what’s not, so we can provide the best educational experience for them.”

Dr. Vickers instituted the SSAC his first year in ACS. It’s a successful feedback model that he has used in previous school systems.

Students in ACS are selected to be on the SSAC through a rigorous selection process. Many of them serve staggered terms. Each SSAC meeting begins with a fun icebreaker exercise, which helps facilitate and kickstart the conversation. Students are also treated to a breakfast (Elementary) and a lunch (Secondary).