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ACS Foundation grant winners 2023-2024

By: Jason Gaston, APR
August 11, 2023

ALABASTER (ACS) - The Alabaster City Schools (ACS) Foundation has awarded a total of $16,483.00 to ACS teachers for the upcoming school year. The announcement was made at Institute 2023 in early August 2023. A total of 43 teachers received grant money to be used in classroom settings for the 2023-2024 School Year: 

Creek View Elementary:
Amber Rabu
Paige Pearson
Morgan Quisenberry
Taylor Cross
Rene Lucas
Kelli Thompson
Amy Thames
Alyssa Turner
Laura Wren
Susan Workman
Lori Barton
Erin Brunson
Kathy Cunningham

Meadow View Elementary:
Julie Howanitz
Amanda Wade
Morgan Durrett
Laura Nabors
Elizabeth Williams
Melissa Smith
Scout Brasfield
Valerie Matson
Christie Wagner
Lisa Brasseaux
Marcia Collier
Lisa Conner
Joyce Barnhill
April Price

Thompson Intermediate:

Chelsea Shanks
April Atkins
Katie Bierster

Thompson Middle:

Catherine Scheller
Lakesha Fleming
Jessica Walden
Amber Willis
Brittney Roberson
Frankie Grice
Kirstin Hall
Shelli Abernathy

Thompson High:
Brandi Smith
Anna Clinkman
Amanda Rodriguez
Paul Furman

Warrior Center:
Ashley Marques

The ACS Foundation was established in 2015 as a tax-deductible nonprofit. It raises money to support all grade levels across Alabaster City Schools in unique ways that go beyond minimum state funding. In its short existence, the ACS Foundation has raised more than $100,000.00 for ACS students and teachers. 

To learn more about the ACS Foundation, email them at or visit their Facebook page.