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Honoring the ACS Board of Education: 2023 School Board Appreciation Month

board and supt
Jason Gaston, APR and AASB
January 1, 2023

- January is the Alabama Association of School Boards (AASB) School Board Recognition Month. Alabaster City Schools is celebrating its Board of Education for its dedication and commitment to the school system and its 6,300 students. 

The theme of this year’s School Board Recognition Month is
Powering the Next Generation, which highlights the impactful work school board members conduct to “power up” students to be their communities' next leaders. Each ACS school will honor ACS Board of Education members this month in unique ways. 

“We love starting off the new year by recognizing those who ultimately ensure that the next generation is ‘properly charged’,” Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers said. “While we officially recognize our board members each January, we know that their focus on supporting our students is year-round.”

School board members work together to establish the framework that best fits their local schools' needs. Boards of Education set policy for school systems at the recommendation of the Superintendent. The hard work, focus, and dedication they put into helping ACS is evident. 

ACS has earned an “A” on the most recent Alabama State Report Card and continues to make significant academic gains across the board - particularly in reading and math. ACS was ranked the “Top School System in Shelby County” this year by Our Board of Education continually votes to invest not only in teaching in learning, but also athletics, extracurriculars, and fine arts.  Their purview is the entire school system.

The ACS Board of Education consists of Mr. Adam Moseley (President); Mr. Derek Henderson (Board Vice-President); Dr. John Myrick (Board Member); Mrs. Jamia Alexander James (Board Member); and Mrs. Misty Johnson (Board Member). 

Learn more about school board service on the AASB website.