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Pam Vickers selected for College Board Counselor Recognition Program

Pam Vickers
Congratulations to Pam Vickers from THS for being selected for the College Board Counselor Recognition Program!
She is the only counselor in Alabama to be selected for this honor. Mrs. Vickers has demonstrated leadership and advocacy focused on increasing equity and access in K-12 college and career readiness to all THS students and their families.
In particular, here are examples from her nomination and what led to her winning:
  • 80% of our graduating seniors have enrolled in colleges and universities. This percentage increased significantly from a 65 - 68% college enrollment rate (prior to Mrs. Vickers’ arrival) to over 80% during the years after her arrival at THS.
  • Prior to her arrival, senior classes at THS were collectively earning a few million dollars in scholarships each year. After Mrs. Vickers began her work at THS, scholarship totals have risen dramatically, rising from just over $5 million in 2013 to over $25 million in 2019.
  • Our college and career readiness rates have risen tremendously because of the work she has done, rising from 77% in 2016 to 96% in 2019.
  • Thompson High School has earned the 2020 College Success Award, presented by Thompson High School is one of only 64 schools in Alabama and one of 2,158 nationwide that received this distinction, which is based on their success in preparing students for college and ultimately career.