2020 - 2021 TMS Cheer Tryout Material

  • Tryout Specifics

    On Tryout Day - 

    Tryouts will be held in the small auxillary gym at the new THS. 


    All athletes should arrive at the time given to them in clinic.

    All athletes will be dropped off and picked up at the arena.

    Candidates will be allowed to warm up in the arena prior to their tryout.   

    Parents are not permitted to enter any THS building during tryouts.  As soon as a candidate finishes their tryout, they will be dismissed to leave THS.  We will not be able to post results if athletes are still on THS property.  

    Tryout Performance -

    Tryouts will be done in this order:

    1. Double Toe Touch - Individual - Counts are on the video
    2. Hurdler - Individual - You may choose your best side.  Counts are on the videos
    3. Cheer - Individual
    4. Chant - As a group
    5. Band Dance - As a group
    6. Competition Combination - As a group

    We will draw for order on Monday to allow candidates to work on ripples with their group through the week.

    Links to tryout videos are listed below or may be found at the following site.

    Tryout Videos

    We will have mock tryouts on Thursday and will help students with the flow of tryouts that day.  

    Once all scores are tabulated, numbers of those making the team will be posted on the cheerleading home page.

2020 Tryout Material

  • Cheer

    Warriors, Warriors let's get loud 

    Name the Team that makes you proud

    We are Thompson!

    Warriors, Warriors let's get loud

    Yell the colors that make you proud

    Red and Black

    We are Thompson

    Red and Black


  • Chant

    Fans, Fans

    You've got to get up and get 'em


    You will do this 3 times

  • Band Dance

    Cheerleaders are encouraged to show spirit and use crowd leading technique through the band chant.

    On the ripple, cheerleaders will Yell T-M-S.  You will get ripples on Monday.

  • Dance Sequence

    Standing tumbling will be incorporated at the beginning.  First eight count.


    Running tumbling will be incorporated during the last 2 eight counts.

  • Jumps 

    Each Athlete will perform a double toe touch and a hurdler.  They may chose their best leg for the hurdler.  Demos of the jumps are below.