Webmasters (2023-2024 School Year)

  • School webmasters for the 2023-2024 School Year are: 

    Bonnie Maddox - Creek View Elementary School
    Heather Green - Meadow View Elementary School
    Hannah Saverse - Thompson Intermediate School
    Audra Faust - Thompson Middle School
    Christina Chambers - Thompson High School

    Webmasters assist the school system by maintaining some content areas of their local school website.

    This assistance includes, but is not limited to:

    Faculty & Staff Directory (listings/updates) 
    Homepage photos/videos
    Homepage news content 
    Upcoming Events Calendar
    Documents and PDFs as needed

    If you see anything that needs attention on your school's website, please reach out to the appropriate person above. ACS Public Relations is also able to assist with updates that go beyond the core duties of a school webmaster.  

    We strive continually to refine the communication platforms of ACS so we can better connect with internal and external audiences.