• Alabaster City Schools “Drive-Up” Learning: Student Filtered WiFi

    Alabaster City Schools is continuing to provide avenues for student success in distance learning. Alabaster City Schools distributed over 400 Chromebooks to students in grades 2-12. Alabaster City Schools installed outdoor wireless access points on all school campuses and the Central Office/Alabaster City Empowering Students (ACES) building. The district-managed WiFi network will be accessible through the parking lots located at different points on each campus. Each parking lot will be monitored through security cameras. Students will be able to utilize the “Drive-Up” service from the safety of their cars. The WiFi network will use the district’s content filtering and security measures that continue to address compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). The Student Code of Conduct and Technology Acceptable Use Policy will apply. During this COVID-19 pandemic, families should practice social distancing guidelines while using the resource and adhere to any city-wide curfew restrictions. 

    Once students arrive at a “Drive-Up” learning location, ACS-named wireless networks will appear as they do when students are on campus.  Students with district-provided Chromebooks will automatically join the ACS_Chrome wireless network.

    Important: Security measures such as content filtering, device monitoring, and user reporting are still in place.