• Hello! My name is Mr. or Coach Joe Alaimo. About me, well I'm a bit of a mix between North and South. I grew up and lived in NY and moved to Atlanta for High School graduating from Landmark Christian School. I recieved my Bachelor's degree at Samford University and fell in love with our Birmingham area.

    Long story short, after college I worked at a gym training middle school, high school, and college athletes to get them to the next level. I have always loved working with youth, as their energy is a driving force to who I am. After 15 years there, I married my wife who is also a teacher and I wanted to get on the same schedule as her, thus now I'm entering my 3rd year here at Thompson High School. I've also been coaching the JV and Varisty volleyball team here at Thompson, enjoying a great streak of success and working with some amazing athletes. This year I'll be teaching Discrete Mathmatics as well as Algebra with Finance.


    On the personal side, my wife and I have a 2 year old whose name is JT. I live for sports, can talk for hours about any of them. I've become a huge Thompson fan in all of these, and not just because I work here. The staff, athletes, kids, teachers have built a community of love and positivity. I also own a beach volleyball buisness that I run with my wife, as well as another fellow THS employee Miss. Rishell. So, if you see an Italian guy with a hat on at the beach playing volleyball with a Thompson hat, you know it's got to me Coach Alaimo!


    I'm truly blessed to be able to teach and enstill lessons, skills and knowledge to a wonderful student body for an amazing school system. GO WARRIORS!!


    Email : joseph.alaimo@acsboe.org