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  • What Is Esports? 

    Esports is team-based competition with specific rules set in the arena of a video game. Short for ‘electronic sports’, esports demands all the teamwork, communication, strategic thinking and leadership skills any traditional sport would.

    PlayVS FAQ

    How the NFHS defines eSports


    Thompson High School completes in 2 seasons per year of League of Legands and Rocket League.

    Fall Season: October - January

    Spring Season: February - May 

    Practice Information 

     All teams practice Tuesday - Thursday 3:15 - 4:15 in D116.

    Tryout Information 

     Thompson High School eSports consist of multiple teams for League of Legands and Rocket League.  Students are allowed to join the team before the season, and they will be placed on a team based on their skill level and the needs of the teams.

    Varsity Team 

    All varsity team members are required to pay a fee of $70 to participate in a season. Team members are required to be at school on competition day in order to compete. Participation in competition must be done remotely from the school computer lab; students are not allowed to compete from home. 

    Non-member Information

    Students that aren't selected for the varsity team or aren't interested in playing for the varsity team are still welcome to come participate with us at practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 


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