ART ROCKS!!, The TMS Art Club



    The Art Club is open to ALL TMS students! Students do NOT have to be taking Art at TMS to participate in the Art Club! There are no “dues” to join the club. If you participate in only ONE activity the entire year, you are considered as being an Art Club member! 

    If you do take Art, you will receive notices about upcoming club activities in class. If you do not take Art, then you need to pay close attention to the morning and afternoon daily Announcements to know when the club is meeting.  Miss Caldwell will post information featuring upcoming art club meetings and events outside her door at Room 218. 

    Last  school year we held our regular meetings twice in the same week due to social distancing, as we were limited to 20 students per meeting. We are using this format this school year as well. Students may attend EITHER the Wednesday or Friday meeting during the week. Students must sign their names on a clipboard just inside the door of Room 218 in advance of the meeting to ensure they have a spot reserved!

    Generally speaking, regular club meetings are held on the third Wednesday OR Friday of each month except in May. If you would like to attend our meetings, you will stay in your 7th period class and come to the Art Room when Third Round Buses are called at about 3:10. If you arrive earlier, you will be sent back to your class. Students may bring a snack to eat and may use their phones until 3:30, when we start the meeting. Tables must be clear and all trash thrown away by that time. 

    On other days as necessary, we may schedule meetings, which students also sign up for in advance, such as making spirit posters for our sports teams, locker magnets for various student groups or painting scenery for the spring musical.

    Our meetings are usually scheduled until 5:30 p.m. Parent pickup is ALWAYS in the back of the school at the bus lanes. Students MUST pre-arrange their rides BEFORE coming to school on the day of the meeting. The office will not let you call home to arrange a ride or remind a parent or guardian to pick you up! You should not call home as the meeting ends to request your ride. If your ride arrives repeatedly late, you will not be able to stay after school for Art Club activities!

    All school and Art Room rules apply during meetings. This includes no cell phone use (after snack time) and maintaining appropriate behavior.  Students will not leave the room without permission, not wander the halls or return to their lockers and must visit the restroom one person at a time. Horseplay will not be tolerated. Members are expected to show respect and be on their best behavior, especially when we have a presentation or guest speaker. If a special program is scheduled for an Art Club meeting, students may not talk or draw during the presentation.

    We do have an Art Club T-Shirt! All shirts are $10 each except for the Adult 2XLG size ($14) and the Adult 3XLG Size ($16).

    Several times a year we will have after-school projects that DO cost a small fee, depending on the materials we use. This is usually from $3 to $5 for each activity. We occasionally offer art-related movies and we ask for $1 from each student to cover refreshments. To register for these meetings, students should also sign up as being interested on the clipboard just inside Miss Caldwell’s Room AND PAY BEFORE the afternoon of the activity. 

    Projects we have done in the past include origami (Japanese paper-folding), making a colorful paper and metal mobile, drawing an Anime (Japanese cartooning) self-portrait, making a kaleidoscope, creating marble magnets and tin ornaments, building a mock gingerbread house using graham crackers, candy, and hot glue, and decoupaging flower pots. Other activities have included watching art-related movies, hosting guest artists, and making various posters to hang throughout school. 

    Here are descriptions of some of our regular activities:

    Selling Smens and Smencils – We do this every Wednesday morning outside the cafeteria or the gym (alternating months). Art Club members may volunteer to assist and will be scheduled to help two or three together at a time. The schedule will be posted just outside the Art Room and you will receive a reminder a couple of days before you are scheduled to assist. We start at 7:00 and finish when the bell rings at 7:40. If you do not get to school until after 7:00 you can come to our cart when you do. If you normally eat breakfast, you can eat first and then come out to help at the cart. Instructions will be given to you before your scheduled day. Keep in mind that you will be selling materials and handling money – not socializing – so friends can’t “hang out” at the cart with you while you are selling! 

    Other Fundraisers – We take orders for “Boo-Grams” and “Candygrams” at Halloween and Valentine’s Day. These are $1.00 bags of candy that are delivered to students during lunch. Due to the school schedule, members cannot always help take orders or distribute these but they can help assemble the bags after school in preparation for delivery

    Homecoming Float Decorations – Students are needed in August and September to help paint the objects that are assembled on the Thompson Middle School Homecoming Float. We generally work on these after school for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, 3 or 4 days a week.

    Holiday Cheek Painting – We are invited prior to the Halloween and Christmas holidays to offer holiday cheek designs to customers at America’s Thrift Store in Alabaster (we do not offer whole-face or hand/arm painting – only the cheek). There is no experience required and there are many image references on hand. We use non-toxic materials and set up inside the store. This is a service offered to store customers – we do not charge customers or accept donations. We generally work in two-hour shifts and students may choose their shifts. Written parental permission is required prior to the event and the student must be dropped off and picked up at the store by a parent or guardian. Miss Caldwell is on hand to supervise throughout the entire event. 

    Making Sports Banners – We occasionally make large signs to hang in the gym during basketball season. These are created and hung after school. We would probably meet two or three afternoons for this activity and you may have some clever slogans or design ideas! 

    Making Locker Magnets for Athletes (or other school groups) – We design a little sports-related picture that we can decorate containing the athlete’s name  and glue a magnet on the back of that will fit on student lockers. We trace and cut out various pieces for it and assemble them all, then attach them to the lockers in the same afternoon.

    Making Posters for General School Activities – These are poster board size posters that anyone in the school may request from us throughout the year to advertise an upcoming event. These can be worked on during Warrior Time or after school.

    Painting Scenery for the School Musical or Play – We start this activity in the late fall or early winter.  Mr. Jones (TMS Choir Director) selects the musical and decides how many scenes are needed, and how he wants them to change onstage from one scene to the next. He tells Miss Caldwell his ideas and sketches are prepared, enlarged, and re-drawn onto large sheets of Styrofoam boards, which club members then paint. You do not have to have any painting experience to help paint scenery for the musical! We paint on most afternoons for five or six weeks at a time and students sign up in advance to work particular shifts.

    Watching Art-related Movies or Documentaries – We offer at least one movie after school and light snacks for $1 per person. These will be announced in advance and will be shown in the Art Room, or in a larger space, depending on how many want to attend.

    “Open Studio” – You may stay after school and free-draw, bring your own sketchbook or artwork to share, and bring your own art materials if desired, or use Miss Caldwell’s supplies to work on an activity of your choice. 

    Assisting with Changing the School Art Display – We will be hanging student work in a display window outside the cafeteria and in the school lobby near the front office. The window changes every few weeks depending on how much new student work we have to display. This can be done after school or during Warrior Time.

    Going to Arts and Crafts Shows on the Weekends – This would not be a field trip, but we would meet in the school parking lot and go in cars…parent permission/chaperones would be needed. In the past we have attended the Bluff Park Art Show in October and the Magic City Art Connection in April/May, followed by a trip to Waffle House!

    Going to the Birmingham Museum of Art or any Art Museum – This would also be a Saturday or a Sunday visit.

    If you are interested in joining ART ROCKS!!,  please stop by the Art Room and let Miss Caldwell know, or sign the interest sheet posted just inside Miss Caldwell's Art Room, Room 218, so that Miss Caldwell may alert you about upcoming meetings and events! Please let Miss Caldwell know if you have any questions!