• TMS Peer Helpers    


    Sponsors- Janice Quarles and Erica Wilson 

    What is the Peer Helper Program? A school based program designed to empower youth to help and support their fellow classmates each day! Peer Helpers serve as positive role models for Thompson Middle School. The selected students will serve as Peer Helpers for their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade year. They participate in school events, help make students feel welcome when they feel like they don't fit in, they are students who you can depend on, they are understanding and they help with community service. 

     Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Peer Helpers

    Marisol Alvarado

    Samantha Cabiness

    Sonny Dailey 

    Ella Donahoo 

    Alex Galloway

    Ashlyn Gamble

    Sasha Gann 

    Audrey Green

    Blake Gregory

    Janie Cate Grice

    Jada Gonzalez 

    Aimee Holladay 

    Makila Hundley

    Micah Jones

    Elyssa Martin 

    Akenna McMillian

    Megan Townsend-Maynor

    Ashley Rodriguez

    Brody Sabo

    Jake Schniper 

    Allie Scott 

    Emma Smitherman 

    John William Smitherman 

    Monica Sturgill

    Isabella Stowe

    Meagan Tiller 

    Natalie Vargas

    Ella Walker