• Registration for Student Council Representatives will begin on September 17th. Application form will go live on this page at that time.

    Student Council Representative Application Form


    Students with completed applications and proper qualifications will be featured on their grade level’s ballot. Applications are due on Friday, September 24th. A total of 5 representatives will be elected from each grade level. Elections will take place through a Google Form that will be posted on your social studies teacher's Google Classroom page. Virtual students will have their form posted on their virtual teacher's Google Classroom page or sent out through email. Voting will take place from Wednesday, October 6th - Friday, October 8th.

    1. Completed student council application.
    2. C average or above for all classes from the previous grade level.
    3. Good citizenship (class II-principal discretion and no class III, or IV violations).
    4. A commitment from you that you will attend meetings and represent your team at student council meetings and other designated school activities. Those who do not fulfill these requirements are subject to probation or dismissal from student council to be determined by the sponsor.

    Any negative campaigning toward other candidates is strictly prohibited no matter the medium of campaigning. Any negative campaigning should be reported to the student council sponsor with evidence showing the use of the inappropriate campaigning. Reports substantiated with evidence of negative campaigning will be reported to the administration who will make a decision as to whether the candidate will be allowed to continue in the election.

    Students may NOT pass out flyers, candy, stickers, or any other forms of propaganda. Any violation of the campaigning rules will result in disqualification of the candidate.

    Important Dates: Please write these down so you have them!
    September 24th - Applications due
    October 1st - Flipgrid video campaign video due
    October 4th - 5th - Warrior Time classes watch campaign videos
    October 6th - 8th -Voting
    October 12th - Results announced (tentative date)