• Counselors

    The Role of the Professional School Counselor

    Professional school counselors are certified/licensed educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling making them uniquely qualified to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs by designing, implementing, evaluating and enhancing a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student success. Professional school counselors are employed in elementary, middle/junior high and high schools; in district supervisory positions; and counselor education positions.  

    Middle School Counselor. Middle school professional school counselors assist students in the academic development domain with their acquisition of the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that prepare them to choose from a wide range of postsecondary options that will help them understand the relationship of academics to the world of work and life. In the career development domain professional school counselors assist students in acquiring the skills to investigate the world of work and employ strategies to achieve future academic and career goals with success and satisfaction. Programs provided through professional school counselors equip students with the skills to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others, make decisions, set goals, take necessary actions to achieve goals, and develop coping skills through the personal/social development domain.

    Advocacy for our students- Professional school counselors aim to promote and support programs for all students and believe that advocacy is a key ingredient for student achievement and is vital to student success in school. Professional school counselors advocate on behalf of children, adolescents, families, teachers, communities, the school counseling and guidance program, and the school.

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