• My Email:  Laura.Wren@acsboe.org

    School Phone Number:  (205)685-6100

    Welcome to Preschool! I can't wait to spend the year with my new friends - we are going to learn so many FUN and EXCITING things this year!

    I am anxiously excited to start my 26th year of my teaching career is special education.  I have taught early childhood/elementary age students through high school students.  It was during my years of teaching high school students that I realized the importance of early early intervention and the benefit of starting services at the earliest age possible.  My love for preschool started form there!


    My Teaching Goals:

    1. to identify each child's strengths, preferences, and interests to engage the child in active learning
    2. to identify skills to target instruction to help a child become adaptive, competent, socially connected, and engaged and to promote learning in natural and inclusive environments
    3. to gather and use data to inform decisions about individualized instruction
    4. to plan for and provide the level of support, accommodations, and adaptations needed for the child to access, participate, and learn within and across activities and routines
    5. to embed instruction within and across routines, activities, and environments, to provide contextually relevant learning opportunities
    6. to use systematic instructional strategies with fidelity to teach skills and to promote child engagement and learning
    7. to use explicit feedback and consequences to increase child engagement and learning
    8. to use coaching or consultation strategies with primary caregivers or other adults to facilitate positive adult-child interactions and instruction intentionally designed to promote child learning and development