Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in French (UAB) M.A. in Secondary Education (UAB) Doctorate in Instructional Leadership (NCU) Certification: English Language Arts

Dr. Deven M. Tellis

My name is Deven Tellis, and I teach French at Thompson High School. I am a language-lover and look forward to sharing the language learning process with my students. It's always my goal to help them to develop the special skill set that comes along with language learning because it can help them to be successful in all subject areas. It is also important for me to instill in them the importance of embracing the diversity of our world, as well as cultivating a willingness to learn about other cultures.

I am a fire fighter's wife and a mommy to two awesome kiddos, one son and one daughter. I enjoy all things food, music, and dance. I also like to create things, work out, laugh, write, and travel. Most importantly, I LOVE my family and thoroughly enjoy spending time with them and making new memories.  

What a great day it is to be a WARRIOR!