Welcome to TMS Volleyball!  We now have some info and dates. Below is a quick glance at upcoming events and announcements; however, please read all the information on the Info Page!


    Steps to participate in summer training and tryouts:


    1) Google Form! - Fill it out asap! (find link on info page)

    2) Read All Info! - Info page has everything on it!

    3) Read Training Day Protocal Sheet that we went over on Zoom Meeting

    3) Physical! - Make sure you child's physical is uptodate (read info regarding physical on info doc)

    5) Free Training Session! - get your child to this session where we will give all the students the same workouts to help them be more prepared for tryouts: 

       8th GRADE - July 7th from 7:30-8:30

       7th GRADE - July 9th from 7:30-8:30

    6) Tryout! - July 27th


    Information about the season that we know now (don’t get too excited!)

    • At this point, we are unsure of what our schedule will look like, the possibility of tournaments and how game play might look. We are awaiting guidance from the state, and as soon as we know our guidelines we will be able to communicate to you a plan!
    • As it stands now, AHSAA will not allow us to hold a tryout during the summer at all.  We are only allowed to conduct evaluations 10 days prior to the start of school. If this is not overturned we will hold a tryout on July 27th. Morning small group sessions for the 8th grade team and afternoon small group sessions for the 7th grade team. 
    • Keep in mind that all middle school volleyball teams are in the same boat. 
    • If they push the start of school we will also adjust our tryout date. 
    • Parent meeting and Spirit pack ordering will occur after tryouts, and most likely be a bit abbreviated.


    Our Current Coaches (whether they are training coaches, court coaches, or practice coaches) are:

    • Tonnie Glover (Her husband Brett tends to help with mostly matches and stats and legistics)
    • Dori Hardee
    • Carla Ragland
    • Ashley Fondron
    • Mary Kate Parnell


    Between this group of people, there are years and years of experience! We cannot wait to get our 2020 underway!