• **Check this site for any info regarding the TMS 2019 Tryouts!


    2019 TMS Volleyball Tryouts: 

    April 15th-18th (Monday-Thursday) *7th and 8th tryouts will be on different days 

    • Upcoming 7th will be evaluated on Monday, the 15th and Tuesday, the 16th.  
    • Upcoming 8th will be evaluated on Wednesday, the 17th and Thursday, the 18th. 
    • Although we offer a free school wide physical on May 3rd, If your have an upcoming 7th grader, she will need to have a physical completed BEFORE tryout dates.  This is non-negotionable per AHSAA.
    • Please follow the instructions to register for TMS Volleyball Evaluations.
    • If your child participated in the 2019 RSK Training Clinic dates, you do not need to redo your child's forms.  Coach Glover has those on file and will pull them from the RSK information. However, A CURRENT PHYSICAL IS REQUIRED along with those forms. 
    • If your child did NOT partcipate in the RSK Training Clinic dates, you will need to print off the below forms, fill them out, sign and then complete the designated google form.
    • WEAR:  Athletic attire, court shoes, and kneepads are optional.
    • BRING:  ALL forms printed out & a water bottle
    • PICK UP:  Promptly at 5:30


    1. If a current physical is needed, print off, take to the doctor to fill out and sign. MUST BE A DOCTOR'S SIGNATURE Arrow right  PHYSICAL FORM
    2. Print off, fill out, and Sign the Emergency Waiver form Arrow right  EMERGENCY/CONTACT WAIVER FORM
    3. Print off, fill out, and Sign Parent/Player Agreement form Arrow right  PARENT/PLAYER AGREEMENT FORM
    4. Print off, fill out, and AHSAA Consent form Arrow right  AHSAA CONSENT FORM
    5. If you have a 6th grader that needs to ride the bus from TSGC to TMS, please Print off, fill out, and Bus Permission Slip form Arrow right  BUS PERMISSION SLIP FOR 6th GRADE
    6. Once you have all your forms complete, Please Turn them in (6th Grade to Coach U and 7th grade to Coach Glover).  At tryouts, you will need to complete a google form on the day of tryouts at registration. 



    **Check this site for any info regarding the TMS 2019 Tryouts!


    What to Expect:

    • This is a closed tryout; therefore, please do not stand in the gym foyer or outside any gym door going into the gym to observe.  

    • Each player will be assigned a number for the entire tryout.

    • Basic skills such as serving overhanded, passing, setting, and hitting will be demonstrated, as well as, basic game play and rules of the sport.

    • There will be a short conditioning period to obeserve where they are in their physical fitness.

    • For the tryouts (depending on the number of girls trying out), there will be at least 1 cut before the final list is posted.

    • The final lists of teams will be posted on Friday, the 19th, on the volleyball website.

    • The final number on a team will be determined by the coach.

    • If your child does not make her desired team, there will be an option to sign up to be a manager.  This is determined by the coaches by interview, teacher evals, and availability of the student.  

    • If your child does not make her desired team, and she loves the sport, there are ways to continue to get better and try out the next year.  We have seen this happen multiple times!! Options are: Sand Volleyball (check out Birmingham Sand), Private and/or group lessons with individual coaches or with a business such as BlockOut Academy (Coach Nev), trying out for a travel volleyball team at , camps/clinics offered by local colleges. 

    • We know that your child may be very emotional during this week, and they may "think" they did horribly, but just encourage them to keep doing their absolute best.  They never know what they are capable of unless they try! So, just go for it!!


    **Check this site for any info regarding the TMS 2019 Tryouts!



    • Evalutions begin on April 15th.  

    • Each player will be evaluated on the 4 basic skills taught in the clinic, on game play situations, knowledge of the game, attitude, coachability, and overall effort. 

    • If your child will be missing a day of tryouts, please let Coach Glover know so that she can make sure she is evaluated thoroughly.


    **Check this site for any info regarding the TMS 2019 Tryouts!