• Welcome to Mr. Garrett's Health Science Classroom, where the following courses will be taught: Foudations of Health Science, Emergency Services, & Therapeutic Services. If you ever need to reach out or make contact with me, please feel free to email me at: andy.garrett@acsboe.org OR you can call the school @ 205-685-6700 and leave a message for me that should include your name, student name, and the reason for your call. Please note, that I will return any calls recieved, as quickly as possible. 

    Having worked in the Fire Service and other miscellaneous HealthCare settings, I truly enjoy bringing all of the experiences that I had while working in the field and sharing these with my students. These real world experiences that our staff in the Health Science Acadamies all have, are what help us to facilitate the real world simulations that our students get to apply after each of the units we cover! Knowing that I have the opportunity to shape the future of students who will one day become the very healthcare workers we might see, continues to be one of the driving forces that fuels my passion for teaching!