• March 18th

    While school is closed you can visit our google classroom page.

    I have uploaded videos on the waves unit and two quizizz reviews.

    Look under "School Closure."

    I will upload more information next week.

    Again, this is not mandatory nor will it be graded.


    March 28th

    I have not uploaded the next set of information because per Dr. Vickers e-learning will begin April 6. Once I get more information I will convey the details to you. 

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay Safe.


    April 6th - April 10

    I have uploaded videos on waves and sound, as well as, a mini lab on sound. I renamed the topic from "School Closure" to "April 6, 2020."

    Step 1: Watch the short clips on waves and sound (total watch time 30 min)

    Step 2: Complete the short quizizz reviews on waves and sound **use your first and Last initial so that I can check you off for completion

    Step 3: Short mini lab on sound (no need to print...just follow the directions)

    Step 4: This week our re-looping activity will come from Flinn Scientific

    Review the short mini video that covers chemical reactions from last semester


    **Please contact me with any questions you may have**