• March 18th

    While school is closed you can visit our google classroom page.

    I have uploaded videos on the waves unit and two quizizz reviews.

    Look under "School Closure."

    I will upload more information next week.

    Again, this is not mandatory nor will it be graded.


    March 28th

    I have not uploaded the next set of information because per Dr. Vickers e-learning will begin April 6. Once I get more information I will convey the details to you. 

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay Safe.


    April 6th - April 10

    I have uploaded videos on waves and sound, as well as, a mini lab on sound. I renamed the topic from "School Closure" to "April 6, 2020."

    Step 1: Watch the short clips on waves and sound (total watch time 30 min)

    Step 2: Complete the short quizizz reviews on waves and sound **use your first and Last initial so that I can check you off for completion

    Step 3: Short mini lab on sound (no need to print...just follow the directions)

    Step 4: This week our re-looping activity will come from Flinn Scientific

    Review the short mini video that covers chemical reactions from last semester


    April 13-April 16  Due:FRIDAY at NOON

    I have uploaded a handout that each student can edit. You will complete the webquest on Light & Optics. 

    As you travel through the different websites, complete the handout. Read the information carefully.

    Once complete, turn in the handout (in google classroom) and I will check you off.

    If you have difficulties, you can write down the correct answers only on a sheet of paper and email the picture to me.


    April 20- April 23  Due: Thursday (Midnight)

    Create a Google Slides presentation. The project should contain 7 slides. On each slide answer the questions under each category. You may use pictures and graphics. You have creative freedom. When done...turn in your presentation using the "ADD" button below. The questions are on Google Classroom.


    Slide #1- Radio Waves
    * answer the 4 questions

    Slide #2- Microwaves
    * answer the 4 questions

    Slide #3- Infrared Waves
    * answer the 3 questions

    And so on and so on.....


    Week of April 27- April 30   Due: Thursday (Midnight)

    You have 2 options to choose from this week!

    Option A: Complete the Electricity and Circuits WebQuest ONLY.


    Option B: This option has a Part I and Part II.
    Complete the Circuits Remote Lab and Electricity and Circuits WebQuest.
    The lab is a cool way to learn about circuits on a deeper level. I will let you make the choice.

    Once complete....submit option A ....OR ...... option B .....to me.


    May 4-May 7   Due: Thursday (Midnight)

    Watch the Bill Nye Video on Magnetism
    Fill in the Google Slides Presentation using the text boxes I provided *SLIDES 1-3*
    Inside the Power Point answer the reading check questions using the text boxes I inserted *SLIDES 4-9* 


    Week of May 11  I will post the answer key Wednesday.

    Write your answers on a sheet of paper. Do not copy the questions.

    DO THE BEST YOU CAN to answer the questions.

    You do not have to turn in this assignment to me. This is to make sure that you have a thorough review of first semester concepts on Matter.

    **Please contact me with any questions you may have**