• Mrs. Lee's Class Lessons

    April 6 - 10 Assignments

    Online - All Students are already on the Google Classroom for their class.  It

    is the same one we have used all year. Below is the online agenda for the week

    This week, we will review a little on DNA and then begin looking at how cells are specialized in the human body.

    All assignments will be posted on Monday morning. You can do them all at one time or you can spread them out through the week. Do whatever works with your new schedule. You will have 3 assignments this week.

    Assignment 1 - Complete the virtual DNA extraction lab and take a picture of your last screen and upload it. Click turn in when you have uploaded your picture.

    Assignment 2 - Watch the home DNA Extraction. Then choose one of the following.
    Upload a picture of yourself doing the DNA extraction.
    Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the differences in the virtual lab and the demo you saw.
    To turn this one in, upload your picture and click turn in or make a google doc for your paragraph and turn that in.

    Assignment 3 - Watch the Amoeba Sisters Video on Specialized cells. Complete the attached set of questions. When you have finished the questions, click turn in.

    Please email or message me if you have any questions at all! Have a great week.


    Paper Packets 

    Please see the attachment below for your weekly instructions


    Weekly Agenda