Mrs. Amber M. Willis

Phone: (205)685-9600


Degrees and Certifications:

-Bachelor's Degree in Communication Science Disorders, University of Montevallo (1999) -Masters Degree in Elementary Education, University of Montevallo (2009) -Thompson Sixth Grade Center Teacher of The Year 2017 -Alabaster City Schools Elementary Teacher of The Year 2017

Mrs. Amber M. Willis

Making a difference!  School is not always the most enjoyable experience for adolescents.  I, myself, had a tough time fitting in at school.  I was the tallest girl, extremely quiet, and did not always fit the mold society sets as the standard.  The main reason I chose to become a teacher has been to make a difference.  If I can be a bright spot in a student's day, or make them feel more confident about their abilities - then I have made a difference.  This has been the theme for our school this be a difference maker, a game changer, a lifeline.   This is what our students deserve.  Making a difference can come from a hug, a pencil, a high-five, being told “I believe in you,” or just listening.  

My children have encountered teachers who believed in them and  took the time to be a difference-maker.  As a result, I have seen them rise to challenges and accomplish great things.  I strive daily to be the teacher that I would want for my own children, a difference maker. To be the person who is there no matter the situation and supports them through anything.  To make a difference...this is why I became a teacher.  

I am currently in my 11th year of teaching and my 5th year at Thompson Sixth Grade Center.  I currently teach math and love igniting the love of learning in my students!