Welcome to the Food, Wellness, & Dietetics Academy

  • Food, Wellness, and Dietetics focuses on marriage and family, parenting, food and nutrition, technology and careers. Other courses in the Academy include classes in hospitality and tourism, which introduces students to recreation, travel, food and beverage services, safety and sanitation, and customer relations and quality service.

    Students will also have the options to choose Culinary courses with units on food service, hospitality practices, safety, health, menus, food presentation and banquet and catering service.


Instructor Name Instructor Email
Manda O'Connel manda.oconnell@acsboe.org
Niva Roberson faaniniva.roberson@acsboe.org
  • Credentials/Certifications
    • ServSafe Food Safety
    • ASK Institute—Entrepreneurship & Management
    • National Retail Federation—National Professional Certification in Customer Service & Sales