Parent-Teacher Organization

  • The Thompson High School PTO offers an invaluable link between students, school staff, teachers and families, but without you and your support it would not be possible for the PTO to continue to sponsor events and provide much needed contributions to our school.

    Why should I join the THS PTO?

    PTO offers parents the opportunity to make positive changes in the school.
    PTO will begin to distribute information on a regular basis via e-mails and a website so that members can be informed of and responds to school issues and activities in a timely manner.
    Joining the PTO shows an interest in your child's education and school activities, shows greater support for his/her teachers and school and improve the relationship between parents and school personnel.
    Have fun!

    How involved do I have to be?

    You can be as involved as you want to be.

    We understand that people have very busy schedules and that time is precious. Therefore we appreciate any time you can spare.

    Volunteers are always needed to work events but if you can’t find the time, we just appreciate your membership.

    We only ask that you join, receive email updates, and check out our website.

    What does the THS PTO actually do?

    With your help and membership, the PTO has been able to provide the following each year:

    • Open House Dinner for Teachers
    • Birthday Treats for Staff
    • 4 Scholarships to students
    • Honor Roll parties for students
    • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Days Gifts/Snacks
    • Hand Sanitizer Drive for Teachers
    • Sending Assistant Principal and Officers to the SRO Safety Conference
    • Teacher Holiday Meal
    • Teacher Grants


    Join Today!

    Remember that the PTO helps our kids and improves our school. With your continued support, the PTO can provide Thompson students with wonderful programs this year and every year.