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Graduation Requirements

  • In addition to the Alabama High School diploma, Alabaster City Schools offers two additional endorsements to encourage students to challenge themselves with PreAP and AP courses. The focus is not on minimum requirements but on comprehensive four-year high school plans. Results from the ACT suite of assessments, plus middle school coursework, will help individualize and add value to each student’s diploma.

    Areas of Study Requirements Credits
    English Language Arts

    English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12 or AP / IB / postsecondary equivalent option of these courses. All levels acceptable, but Advanced, Honors, or AP recommended for College Prep students.


    Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II with Trig or Algebra II, or their equivalent. Additional courses to complete the four credits in mathematics must be chosen from the Alabama Course of Study: Mathematics or CTE / AP / IB / postsecondary equivalent courses.


    Biology and a physical science | The third and fourth science credits may be used to meet both the science and CTE course requirement and must be chosen from the Alabama Course of Study: Science or CTE / AP / IB / postsecondary equivalent courses.

    Social Studies

    World History, US History I, US History II and Government/Economics or AP / IB / postsecondary equivalent courses

     Physical Education

    LIFE (Personal Fitness) | One JROTC credit meet this requirement

    Health Education

    Alabama Course of Study: Health Education

    Career Preparedness

    Career Preparedness Course (Career and Academic Planning, Computer Applications, Financial Literacy)

    Career Tech and/or Foreign Language, and/or Arts Education

    Students choosing CTE, Arts Education, and/or Foreign Language are encourage to complete two courses in sequence. Ex. Foreign Language 1 and Foreign Language 2, Theatre 1 and Theatre 2, etc.


    Additional Credits/Electives

      2 1/2

     Total Credits required for Alabama High School Diploma


    Based on our current schedule of 7 periods per day, students earn a half (1/2) credit per semester long course to equal one (1) credit per year long course.

    1/2 credit = 1 Semester

    1 Credit = 2 Semesters (Full Year)

Advanced Endorsements

  • To meet the needs of all students, the Alabaster City School System does offer the Alabama High School Diploma with two different endorsements. Students will have the opportunity to choose the Alabama High School Diploma with Advanced Academic Endorsement or Advanced Academic Endorsement with Honors. The chart below distinguishes between the two different endorsements.

    ACS Advanced Academic Endorsement
    (26 credits)

    ACS Advanced Academic Endorsement with Honors
    (26 credits)

    • One Foreign Language Credit
    • Algebra II with Trig Credit
    • One AP Course Credit or the equivalent
    • Two Foreign Language Credits (of the same language)
    • Pre-Calculus, Analytical Math, or higher math
    • Chemistry
    • Three AP Course Credits or the equivalent

    For more information on the Academic Endorsements, view the ACS High School Curriculum Guide.


  • Summer School/Credit Recovery: Due to the state requirements for graduation, students need to plan to attend Summer School in order to make up all core classes failed. This is especially important for meeting Academics First standards. Students will NOT be allowed to take two English classes or two math classes during the same term except through Credit Recovery.

    The NCAA does not recognize credit recovery. Athletes needing courses for eligibility may need to utilize other programs offered in other systems.

    College Admission: You need to check with the colleges of interest for core curriculum requirements, as they vary from one college to the next.

    The Gifted Program will provide experiences and information to foster development of gifted adolescents with particular emphasis on success in high school and preparation for life after high school. Students are served through a resource program, not an academic class. There are no grades or assignments. All students enrolled in GRC at the middle school will continue that placement.