Clubs & Organizations

  • Thompson High School offers a variety of student clubs and organizations for any student looking to get involved! From academic-related clubs to club sports to special interests, there is something for everyone! Clubs are updated each fall. Be sure to check the daily announcements and watch THS TV for more information on how to sign up!

  • Air Force JROTC Marksmanship Team

    Air Force JROTC Marksmanship Team

    Sponsor: Douglas M. Crabb, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
    In the Thompson High School AF JROTC Marksmanship Program cadets will learn gun safety & basic marksmanship in range firing activities while competing against other cadets, and in the future other schools, while firing in prone, standing, kneeling positions.

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  • Anime Club

    Anime Club

    Students discuss watch different animes (Japanese comics) as a group. Students typically present a different anime each week to talk about.

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  • Archery Team

    Archery Team

    Sponsor: Tym Davis
    The archery team meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Senior Lunchroom.

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  • Debate Team

    Debate Team

    Debate team consists of a team of dedicated students who compete in local debate tournaments. They will be part of the BADL (Birmingham Area Debate League) and will take place at Samford University.

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  • Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

    Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

    Sponsor: Audra Faust
    FCCLA is a nonprofit organization for students enrolled in Family and Consumer Science classes.

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  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    FCA is an athletic ministry that focuses on sharing Christ with coaches, athletes, and all others they influence.

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  • First Priority

    First Priority

    Sponsor: Ellen Turner
    First Priority is a student-led Christian organization whose purpose is to pray and serve THS faculty and students, the nation and the community, and to share fellowship with other believers on campus.

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  • French Club

    French Club

    The French Club is open to all students who are currently enrolled in French class. Activities are varied each year according to events that are current. If there is a cultural event within driving distance, we try to attend.

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  • French National Honor Society

    French National Honor Society

    The requirements for becoming a member are that the student must have an "A" average for the first 3 semesters in French (I and II), and all other classes must not have an average below a "B". A student is eligible for induction in the spring semester of his/her second year of French.

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  • Future Business Leaders of America

    Future Business Leaders of America

    Sponsor: Kellyanne Gandy
    Future Business Leaders of America is the largest career student organization in the world. Each year, FBLA-PBL helps over 230,000 members prepare for careers in business.

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  • Future Teachers of Alabama

    Future Teachers of Alabama

    Sponsor: Suzanne Clemons
    FTA is designed for students who may be interested in pursuing education as a career, but all students are welcome to participate.

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  • Game Club

    Game Club

    Sponsor: Douglas M. Crabb, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
    The purpose of this club is to provide THS students with opportunities to develop learning, organizing, strategy formulation, and socializing skills in a friendly game playing environment.

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  • International Thespian Society

    International Thespian Society

    Sponsor: Jane Ganey
    The International Thespian Society (ITS), an honorary group for high school theatre students, is division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA). The mission of ITS is to honor student excellence in the theatre arts and scholastics.

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  • JROTC Drill Team

    JROTC Drill Team

    Sponsor: Douglas M. Crabb, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
    The purpose of the Drill Team is to teach cadets to appreciate the need for discipline and to allow them to understand the importance of following orders promptly and precisely. It stresses the significance of teamwork and helps build confidence in each of the cadet's individual life.

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  • Key Club

    Key Club

    Sponsor: Suzanne Mathew
    The Key Club is a leadership and service organization designed to promote community service.

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  • Mat Misses

    Mat Misses

    The Mat Misses are a spirit group for the THS/TMS wrestling teams. Students can join in the fall.

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  • Math Team

    Math Team

    Math Team is an opportunity for students to learn more math concepts than they cover in classroom. It also provides a competition atmosphere for the students to attend. THS has Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Math teams.

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  • Mu Alpha Theta

    Mu Alpha Theta

    Sponsor: Beth Ronilo
    Mu Alpha Theta is a Math Honorary Society. To become a member of Mu Alpha Theta, a student must have a 3.0 overall GPA, no C's in any math class, a 3.5 math GPA and at least five (5) semesters of Advanced Math starting with Algebra I.

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  • National Honor Society

    National Honor Society

    Sponsor: Beverly Musial
    Junior and Senior students are selected on scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

    To be considered for membership, a student must have a G.P.A. of 3.75, be working towards an advanced academic diploma and have been active in at least two activities which show leadership and service.

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  • National Technical Honor Society

    National Technical Honor Society

    Sponsor: Brooke Dennis
    NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce.

    To qualify for National Technical Honor Society, students must be a senior with three years in Career Academy courses. At least two of those years must be in the same Academy. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher and a GPA of 3.5 or higher in Career Tech courses. Students must serve for at least two years as a member in their Academy's Career Tech Student Organization (SkillsUSA, HOSA, FBLA, etc.)

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  • Prom Committee

    Prom Committee

    Each year the junior class of THS sponsors the Junior-Senior prom. All juniors are invited to be an active part of the preparation and planning.

    Tradition dictates that the prom theme be kept a secret from the seniors, as this will be their last high school formal.

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  • Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society

    Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society

    Sponsor: Brooke Dennis
    Quill and Scroll is an international honor society for high school journalists.

    Students who have dedicated at least two years to scholastic journalism through work on yearbook, newspaper or broadcast news staffs are eligible.

    To be recommended, students must be in the top third of their class and have maintained an overall "A" average in journalism classes, while contributing to a scholastic publication.

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  • SkillsUSA - Engineering

    SkillsUSA - Engineering

    Sponsor: Brian Copes
    SkillsUSA improves the quality of America’s skilled workforce through a structured program of citizenship, leadership, employability, technical and professional skills training. SkillsUSA enhances the lives and careers of students, instructors and industry representatives as they strive to be champions at work.

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  • SkillsUSA - TV & Film

    SkillsUSA - TV & Film

    Sponsor: Brooke Dennis
    The TV & Film section of Thompson High School's SkillsUSA chapter focuses on developing workforce skills in the area of Graphic Design, Television Production and Filmmaking. Students prepare for local and national competitions in which they get the opportunity to show off their skills in a competitive environment.

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  • Soccer Sweeties

    Soccer Sweeties

    Sponsor: Cheryl Flaucher
    Soccer Sweeties is a spirit support group for the men's soccer teams. Each sweetie picks a player to support for the soccer season by providing a small goodie bag for her player the home games.

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