TIS Daily Schedule 


     PE: Daily by homeroom

    School Day: 7:45 am-2:45 pm

    Lunch: 10:35-12:02 (by homeroom)

    Art/Music: Weekly by homeroom


    Absences/ Tardies

    Your child is a vital part of our school, and his/her attendance is crucial to ensure that learning can occur. We strongly recommend that you read the section in the Code of Conduct regarding attendance in its entirety. TIS policy regarding excuses is as follows: If your child is absent, a written explanation of his/her absence from the parent or guardian is required within three days of the date of return. Excuses may be e-mailed to any of the following: jean.rose@acsboe.org, brent.byars@acsboe.org or Kimberly.watson@acsboe.org  If no note is sent or no reason is given, the absence remains unexcused. Faxed doctor notes, in which the child has not been seen, are considered parent notes. Only 10 parent notes will be accepted. Absences beyond 10 must be documented with a doctor’s note or court excuse. Notes will not be accepted for absences beyond the third day after your child returns. After the third unexcused absence, attendance letters will be sent by our assistant principal to notify parents, and a mandatory parent conference will be held. Students are referred after the fifth unexcused absence to Early Warning (a program sponsored by the Shelby County Juvenile System). This is in accordance with the Alabaster City Code of Conduct. TIS administration further recommends parents to be present at any attendance conference scheduled for your child. TIS strictly follows the attendance policies outlined in the Alabaster City Code of Conduct.


    Students are considered tardy after 7:45 am. If a student arrives after 7:45, they must check in the front office with a parent/guardian. A referral to Early Warning is made when tardies accumulate (more than two per month).



    Students may begin arriving at school at 7:00.  Please do not drop your children off prior to that time as no one will be available to supervise them. We appreciate your cooperation in this policy in order to ensure the safety of our students. School is dismissed at 2:45 pm. Transportation changes will not be accepted over the phone. Please send a letter to school with your child stating your child’s name/teacher, the type of change in transportation, and the date(s) of the change.