• Mission Statement  


    The mission of the Alabaster City Schools is to partner with families and the community to inspire and prepare graduates to be responsible and productive champions of their future.


      About The School  

    Our Beliefs


     These values and beliefs guide teaching, learning and working in the Alabaster City Schools:


    1.       Our schools are safe, caring, learning communities engaged in continuous improvement, committed to the pursuit of excellence, and dedicated to the success of each student.


    2.       Our employees are qualified, dedicated, innovative, and student-centered, engaged in continued learning.


    3.       Our schools provide quality instructional programs, enriching extracurricular experiences, and a wide variety of opportunities for students to explore their interests, expand their dreams, and develop their talents.  


    4.       Our schools partner with families, business, industry, post-secondary institutions, community agencies, and government to create and sustain outstanding facilities, technology, learning resources, and experiences to maximize student achievement.


    5.       Our schools embrace diversity, promote respectful relationships, and have high expectations and performance standards for all students and adults.


    6.       Our schools value integrity, open communication, shared responsibility, innovation, and accountability.


    School History

    Thompson Sixth Grade Center began in 2009 for sixth graders in the Alabaster area. The building was used as Thompson High School from 1952-1987.

    Around 500 students and 30 teachers make up the family of Thompson Sixth Grade Center.

    In the summer of 2003, TSGC became a part of the Alabaster City School system.