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     Thompson Intermediate School

    Thompson Intermediate School is an Alabaster City School consisting of fourth and fifth grades.  TIS opened during the 2000-2001 school year. Our feeder schools include students from Creekview and Meadow View Elementary Schools. There are thirty-six homerooms with an average enrollment of approximately twenty-seven students.  We offer art, computer lab, and music.  All of our students participate in PE each day.  Our Library Media Center is open daily for the use of students and teachers.  We are especially proud of our special education department that strives to meet the needs of not only special needs children, but all of our students.  Our dedicated faculty is committed to a strong educational program through which students become life long learners. Our school has gone through both AMSTI (Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative) and ARI (Alabama Reading Initiative) training and are excited about the possibilities these state initiatives can bring to our school.

    TIS currently has an enrollment of approximately 1,000 students.


    Mission Statement

    The Mission of Thompson Intermediate School is that all students will learn in a safe environment where academic, physical, social, and emotional needs are met.

    The Vision of TIS

    The vision of Thompson Intermediate School is to become a model for excellence in education on the local, state, national, and international level.

    The Beliefs of TIS

    Differentiated learning is our primary focus.

    Each student’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs are valued to help promote lifelong learning.

    Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community have a shared responsibility in supporting the school’s mission as a community of learners.

    General School Information

    Thompson Intermediate School

    100119 Highway 119

    Alabaster, AL 35007

    Office: (205) 685-6200
    Fax: (205) 621-8279



    Brent Byars, Principal

    Bart Ferguson, Assistant Principal, 4th Grade

    Kimberly Watson, Assistant Principal, 5th Grade




    Your child is a vital part of our school, and his/her attendance is crucial to ensure that learning can occur. We strongly recommend that you read the section regarding attendance in its entirety. TIS policy regarding excuses is as follows: If your child is absent, a written explanation of his/her absence from the parent or guardian is required within three days of the date of return. If no note is sent, the absence remains unexcused. Notes will not be accepted for excused absences beyond the third day after your child returns. Students are referred after the fifth unexcused absence to Early Warning (a program sponsored by the Shelby County Juvenile System). This is in accordance with the Alabaster City Code of Conduct. Attendance letters will be sent by our assistant principals to notify parents when students are in jeopardy of being referred to Early Warning. TIS administration further recommends parents to be present at any attendance conference scheduled for your child. TIS strictly follows the attendance policies outlined in the Alabaster City Code of Conduct.

    Students are considered tardy after 7:45 am. If a student arrives after 7:45, they must check in the front office with a parent/guardian. A referral to Early Warning is made when tardies accumulate (more than two per month).


    Check out Procedures

    In order to provide a safe environment for your child, the following guidelines have been established for checkout procedures.

    ·         Your name must be on the checkout paperwork and you must present valid photo identification.

    ·         A current copy of any child custody paperwork must be on file in the office. This is required for registration as well.

    ·         Any changes to the check-out paperwork must be made by the legal parent/guardian.

    Child Nutrition

    We welcome our parents and grandparents to come and eat lunch with our students. We do, however, request that you refrain from bringing outside food into the cafeteria. Our Child Nutrition Program serves nutritious meals daily to accommodate all students, staff, and visitors.

                                        Lunch                                               Breakfast

    Students                      $2.50                                                    $1.25

    Faculty & Staff             $3.25                                                    $1.50

    Student Visitors           $3.25                                                    $2.00

    Adult Visitors               $4.00                                                    $2.00

    Students are not allowed to charge their lunch. Please make sure your child has money in his/her account on a daily basis. Students who do not have money in their lunch accounts will receive a cheese sandwich for lunch until money is placed in their lunch accounts.

    Birthday snacks and other special snacks (outside of allotted school parties) must meet the child nutrition program guidelines. If you are unsure of a snack, please contact the office prior to bringing it to the school. Cupcakes, cookie cakes, cookies, etc. will be allowed for birthdays.


    Our goal is to provide the best education for your child. If you have a concern, please contact the school to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher. Teachers will also request a conference with every parent at least once per school year.

    Dress Code

    A student’s appearance is a reflection of the culture of TIS; therefore, we strictly enforce the dress code that is set forth by the Alabaster City Code of Conduct. If a student is not dressed in accordance with the dress code, the parent will be contacted to bring a change of clothes. TIS students are also expected to set an example of appropriate dress by exhibiting the following dress code behaviors:

    ·         Shorts must be worn under skirts, and both must fall beneath fingertips with arms completely straight.

    ·         Earrings will not be allowed by male students.

    ·         Hair (i.e. bangs-a male or female) must always be short enough for eyes to be in complete view at all times.

    ·         Straps on female shirts much be at least three fingertips in width.

    ·         Any visible garments with questionable material will not be allowed.

    ·         Hats are only allowed on hat days.

    ·         Hair styles that cause a disruption to the classroom are not allowed. This includes fad hair styles and unnatural            hair color.


    All students are expected to follow the TIS rules on campus, on field trips, and while being transported on buses:

    ·         Respect others

    ·         Respect yourself

    ·         Respect property

    TIS administration and staff strictly enforces these rules as well as the rules outlined in the Alabaster City Code of Conduct. After School Detention will primarily be held on Fridays from 3:00-4:00; however, there may be intermittent days allocated to cover the number of students assigned to detention. Parents are responsible for picking their child up from school if detention is assigned.

    Field Trips

    Trips are taken by fourth and fifth grades to enhance their curriculum. Each team will plan field trips to support concepts that are being taught. Chaperones will be requested to attend if appropriate. Siblings are not allowed on school field trips. Chaperones are not allowed to take photographs of other students while on a field trip associated with Thompson Intermediate School to protect the rights of all students and comply with the Alabaster City Code of Conduct Media Release Policy.


    All medications must be brought to the school by the parent. Medication cannot be transported by students on the bus. All medications given at school must have a signed authorization form. These forms are available in the office.

    Physical Education

    Tennis shoes are to be worn to PE, and shorts must be work under dresses.


    The PTO actively supports our school’s academic program and works to bridge community-school relations. All parents and teachers are encouraged to join and attend meetings. If you are interested in being involved with the PTO, please contact the school office.

    School Parties

    School policy allows for three parties each year: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and end-of-the-year. These parties are to be coordinated with the classroom teachers and homeroom mothers. Siblings or other children not enrolled at TIS are not allowed to attend school parties.


    When a student is ill and has fever, they are to stay home from school. A student is to be fever free for twenty-four hours before returning to school. This prevents illnesses from being passed around among students and faculty. Please remember to send an excuse upon your child’s return to school.

    Visitors-Safety Procedures

    All visitors are welcome; however, there are certain procedures to be followed to provide a safe environment for your child.

    ·         All visitors must present valid picture identification.

    ·         All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge.

    ·         Please wait in the office until your child’s lunch time to avoid excess traffic in the hallway.

    ·         Visitors are not allowed in the classroom during instructional time.

    Public Relations

    The goal of Thompson Intermediate is to partner with parents and businesses in the community. It is vital that this partnership remain positive. Please refrain from posting negative comments about parents, students, teachers, staff, or other entities related to Thompson Intermediate on any social media or web-based outlet. To address specific concerns, please contact the school for a conference.