History of Thompson High School

  • In the early 1900s, there was an elementary and junior high school at Siluria, Shelby County Alabama, consisting of a five-class room building. In response to a growing need for a high school, Thomas Carlyle Thompson donated property and personal funds, which led to the development of a new school building, named Thompson. October 3, 1921 marked the first day of school for the new building.

    First Thompson High School building The existing campus was established in the 1980s with the first graduating class at the building in 1987-1988. The original building was remodeled and is now the Thompson Sixth Grade Center. There have been several renovations over the past  30 years, including the most recent additions of a foreign language building, freshman building and new football locker rooms.

    On October 17, 2011 the Alabaster City Council voted to form an Alabaster School District separate from the Shelby County District. On March 5, 2012 the Alabaster City Council appointed Linda Church, Melanie Shores, John Myrick, Adam Moseley and Ty Quarles to serve on the city’s first school board and Melanie Shores was elected as the  school board president. On July 20, 2012 the board appointed outgoing Jefferson County Board of Education Superintendent Dr. Phillip Hammonds to serve as a temporary consultant.

    Effective July 1, 2013, the Alabaster City Schools district officially separated from Shelby County Schools and Dr. Wayne Vickers took the position of Superintendent.

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