• Referring a Student for Speech/Language Services


    In order for a child to speech/language services, the following must first occur:


    • ALL preschool referrals (parent, daycare, doctor, etc.) must call Virginia Aycox at 205-663-8411 to set up an appointment for registration before any processes may begin.
    • Screening - First, permission to screen is obtained from the parent. Following the screening, results will be discussed with parents. For articulation, scores fall into three categories - typical of same-age peers, further evaluation may be indicated, or further evaluation is strongly suggested. If a child falls in one of the latter two categories, we will proceed with a referral meeting. Language screenings are pass/fail, and a child must fail the screening to proceed to referral.
    • Referral meeting – Once a student has failed a screening, a referral meeting will be held at the next available date. At this meeting, we will fill out the proper paperwork, discuss the parents’ concerns and the teachers concerns (if applicable), and obtain permission to test.
    • Testing – Once permission to test is obtained, the student will be administered the evaluations that were discussed at the meeting. We do our best to complete testing following the referral meeting, but another time may be scheduled if necessary. Currently, Mondays are our testing day.
    • Eligibility – After all testing is completed, we will meet again to discuss the testing results and determine if the student is eligible for services. If the student is eligible, permission to place the student in special education will be obtained, and the student can begin receiving services. For Early Intervention (EI) transitions, the student cannot be seen until he or she turns 3, at which time the student comes out from under EI & is served by the school system. The timeline from permission to test to eligibility meeting can take up to 90 days.
    • IEP – An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is written for all students who qualify for services within 30 days receiving permission to place. The IEP contains background information about the student as well as the goals that have been written for the student. IEP plans last for 1 year, but may be updated at any time if any team member feels that it is needed.
    • Services - Services are provided in a variety of setting - daycare, preschool, Mother's Day Out, zoned elementary schools, or office drop-in. Therapy typically starts at once a week for 30 minutes. Preferred times are taken into consideration, but please know that we serve a number of students in a variety of locations and may not always be able to accommodate. If your child qualifies for additional services, such as occupational therapy or special education, our team tries to schedule them together whenever possible.