P.E. Soccer 2017-2018 


    The purpose of this course is to prepare athletes to play the game of soccer. This will occur through conditioning, training, and discussions of the prevailing philosophies of how the game is played. Preseason conditioning is crucial to the success of the player and his health. Proper conditioning greatly reduces the risk of injury during the season and helps with the player’s overall health and ability to play the game.


    All players should be prepared to do a variety of activities each day. This means they need to have appropriate athletic clothing including both running and soccer shoes.  Players should be prepared to play soccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball, as well as spending time in the weight room working on specific lifting exercises designed for the soccer athlete. Our weight room and locker room are located at the THS football stadium, so class will be held there most day. Some days we will train at the municipal fields. Students will need to drive, ride, or walk to the stadium for class. If this is not an option, players will need to participate in a different athletic elective. In order to get the most of our time, class ends at 3:30.


    In order to earn grades, athletes will meet appropriate benchmarks, set by the coaching staff each 9 weeks. Also, dressing appropriately for the class is crucial. A Player will lose 5 points off their total class grade for every day they do not dress out for the class and they will have to make up conditioning after school. For example, if they do not dress-out two days during a 9 week period they will have a 90%” as their 9 weeks’ grade. If a player cannot dress-out for a specific reason please send a note to me prior to or the morning of the class the player will be unable to participate in. Players will be responsible for making up each day missed, with or without an excuse.


    Teacher:  Rusty Cowley

    Thompson High School: 685-6700

    E-mail address: charles.cowley@acsboe.org 


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