For information on documentation for proof of residence, visit the Student Services Forms page.

    School-age children who reside within the municipal limits of the City of Alabaster, Alabama, may be admitted to Alabaster City Schools.  For purposes of this policy, the residence of the student will be the residence of the custodial parent or legal guardian. No such presumption attaches to temporary transfers of parental powers under Ala Code §26-2A-7. If custody of the child is shared, alternating, or unclear, or if the child does not reside with a custodial parent or legal guardian, the domicile or actual physical residence of the child will control admittance, except when there is evidence that the claimed residence of the child is not his actual residence, or that the claimed residence is fraudulently given as a means of avoiding or violating admission, enrollment, attendance, and residency standards and requirements.

    The Board authorizes the enrollment of the following non-resident students free of charge:

    •  A student whose parent or legal guardian is a full-time, permanent employee of either the Alabaster City Board of Education, the City of Alabaster, or the Alabaster Water Board.
    •  A student whose parent or legal guardian owns a business within the City of Alabaster and owns or leases physical property zoned for commercial use within the city limits of Alabaster.