Welcome from Dr. Hester

  • Welcome to Thompson High School!

    I am extremely honored and blessed to be your Principal. As we continue to proudly serve our students, families, and the Alabaster community, I want to express our growing desire to enhance our service at higher levels than ever before. Whether it is academics, leadership development, student involvement, community service, athletics, or the vast array of clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities, THS aims to create the absolute best culture and achieve the best product and performance in all of these areas. I am excited about our focus on creating the best environment and opportunities for our students, as they not only successfully move towards graduation, but prime themselves for college and career.

    We are poised for increased opportunities and development within our academic and learning programs. Our instructional focus is becoming sharper, as we create learning environments for our students to develop the critical skills they need to achieve high levels of success here and at the college and career levels. These critical skills transcend academic standards, and apply to all students in all areas of their studies.

    Our focus in academic skills include high performance in reading, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. Soft skills continue to be a top priority as well, ensuring that our students develop key skills in collaboration, teamwork, organization, time-management, reflection, and lifelong learning. Furthermore, it is extremely important that we continue to provide more meaningful, purposeful, and real-world learning experiences throughout our learning programs. Whether it is our core academic programs, our vast array of electives, or our exciting new career academies, we strive to infuse real-world experiences into our classrooms and provide the best college and career preparation for all our students.

    Equally as important, we also provide growing opportunities in the areas of leadership development, encouraging our students to grow as leaders in various organizations, groups, teams, clubs, and activities. THS is a hub for student and community activity and we are proud to provide countless curricular and extracurricular programs for our students, families, and the community of Alabaster. From performing arts to academic competitions, from student-leadership organizations to athletics, and from community outreach to student-interest groups, we offer and cultivate the best high school experience that any student could seek.

    Just as we do within our academic programs, we hold student development as our top priority in all our extracurricular programs and activities. This includes the development of student character, leadership, decision-making, citizenship, and service. Developing great people and leaders is just as important as developing strong scholars, and we are committed to doing just that.

    Finally, we are on a mission to create a powerful culture of positivity, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and an ever-increasing focus on being the best in everything we do. This is a lofty goal, but settling for anything less would fall short of serving and supporting our students at the level they need to achieve ultimate success at THS and throughout their lives. This type of culture is one that not only requires strong efforts from our faculty, staff, and students, but also is heavily reliant upon strong partnerships with you, and all other families and stakeholders within the Alabaster community and beyond. I ask that everyone look for ways to partner with us and accept our invitation to join us in our climb towards being the very best and THE MODEL of excellence for all high schools in our area, our state, and beyond.

    Thanks to all our students, parents, families, and supporters. Please jump on board with us and help us all work towards a higher level of performance and success. Again, I am excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to all the amazing experiences and accomplishments we will have in the coming days, weeks, and months. It is going to be a great year!


    My best to you all and GO WARRIORS!

    Wesley Hester Signature

    Wesley Hester, Principal