• <strong>French Club</strong>

    French Club

    Sponsor: Vicky Adams
    The French Club is open to all students who are currently enrolled in French class. Activities are varied each year according to events that are current. If there is a cultural event within driving distance, we try to attend.

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  • <strong>Spanish Club</strong>

    Spanish Club

    Sponsor: Ashley Downs and Charli Lindley-Hamlin
    Spanish Club is open to any student enrolled in Spanish. Dues are $5 and activities and meeting times vary throughout the year.

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Honor Societies

  • <strong>French National Honor Society</strong>

    French National Honor Society

    Sponsor: Vicky Adams
    The requirements for becoming a member are that the student must have an "A" average for the first 3 semesters in French (I and II), and all other classes must not have an average below a "B". A student is eligible for induction in the spring semester of his/her second year of French.

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  • <strong>Spanish Honor Society</strong>

    Spanish Honor Society

    Sponsor: Lisa Loyd
    Membership in the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica requires that students are currently enrolled in the second year of Spanish or above, have maintained an "A" average in Spanish for three consecutive semesters, and have an overall "A/B" academic average.

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