Food, Wellness & Dietetics Courses

  • <strong>Food and Nutrition</strong>

    Food and Nutrition

    This one-half credit course is designed to enable students to explore the relationship between food, nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Students learn how to select and prepare nutritious foods. This course is appropriate for 9th through 12th grade students.

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  • <strong>Family and Consumer Sciences</strong> (Read More...)

    Family and Consumer Sciences (Read More...)

    This course that serves as the foundational course for the Human Services cluster. Course content provides opportunities for students to explore the core content included in the Family Studies and Consumer Sciences pathway.

    Major topics are marriage and family life, parenting and caregiving, consumer services, apparel, housing, food and nutrition, and technology and careers. This course is not a prerequisite for courses included in all pathways within the cluster, however, students are encouraged to take the course before entering a pathway.

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  • <strong>Event Planning</strong> (Read More...)

    Event Planning (Read More...)

    Students will learn to organize and plan all aspects of business and social events including the food, location, and d├ęcor associated with hiring an event planner.

    Concepts taught in the course to meet the needs of clients include planning for the event with activities, establishing a budget, determining the theme, planning the guest list, determining the location, developing an event plan schedule, planning transportation needs, training of staff, staging the event, calculating room and space requirements, providing necessary technology and equipment, planning food and beverage services, securing entertainment, understanding legal issues in event planning, and conducting post-evaluations of events.

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  • <strong>Hospitality and Tourism</strong> (Read More...)

    Hospitality and Tourism (Read More...)

    Hospitality and Tourism is a one-credit course that serves as the prerequisite for all pathways included in the Hospitality and Tourism cluster. Major topics include introduction to hospitality and tourism, recreation, travel and tourism, lodging, restaurant and food and beverage services, safety and sanitation, customer relations, and quality services.

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