Foundations of Arts, TV & Film


    camera Foundations of Arts, TV & Film is a yearlong class introducing students to the different areas of the Television & Film Academy. These courses are aimed at creative students who see themselves designing, producing, performing, writing or publishing multimedia content.

    In this course, students will apply artistic talent and learn visual arts principles that prepare them with skills and techniques to work in a variety of production and entertainment fields.

    This class is a prerequisite for THS TV and all TV & Film classes. This course is also recommended for students who wish to participate on the yearbook staff.

    Upon completion of the Foundations course, students who decide to stay in the program will ask to choose a Pathway: Creative Pathway or News Pathway.

    The Creative Pathway develops students in areas of telling a story through the use of digital media. This includes studying films for thematic and visual elements, building technical skills in editing and cinematography, and developing qualities of leadership, time management and teamwork for better overall productivity. Courses are taken in the sequence listed below. Seniors also have the option to take Adobe Classroom and/or Senior Internship.

    In the News Pathway, students learn the various types of production in the journalism industry. Students focus on news gathering, analysis and communication, along with the production value of different types of programming varying from television newscasts to entertainment-style programs and sports coverage. In the News Pathway, courses can be taken in any order. Seniors also have the option to take Adobe Classroom and/or Senior Internship.

    Explore Each Pathway Below

Creative Pathway

  • <strong>YEAR TWO: Intro to TV</strong><br />(Read More...)

    YEAR TWO: Intro to TV
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    Intro to Television is a yearlong class dedicated to covering the fundamentals of television and film production, which requires students to use all types of media to tell stories.

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  • <strong>YEAR THREE: Television Production - Producing & Editing</strong><br />(Read More...)

    YEAR THREE: Television Production - Producing & Editing
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    TV Production – Producing & Editing is a yearlong class in which students work together to produce a television show. This class is offered every other year, alternating with Advanced Production so that students of different experience levels can participate. Some out-of-class work is necessary for completion of assignments.

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  • <strong>YEAR FOUR: Advanced Production</strong><br />(Read More...)

    YEAR FOUR: Advanced Production
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    Advanced Production is a yearlong class in which students will practice advanced editing and motion graphics techniques. Students will focus on special effects and camera tricks to be used in large-scaled video projects, including short and extended films. A final portfolio is required for completion of the course.

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News Pathway

  • <strong>Directing</strong><br />(Read More...)

    (Read More...)

    Directing introduces students to the professional world of live television production. Assignments include broadcast coverage of concerts, plays, pageants, etc. and subsequent critique of those events.

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  • <strong>Sports Broadcasting</strong><br />(Read More...)

    Sports Broadcasting
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    Sports Broadcasting introduces students to the structure, strategies, and techniques of sports broadcasting, which serves the dual role as journalism and entertainment. Assignments include broadcast coverage of athletic events and subsequent critique. Students are required to participate in out-of-class filming of sports events at THS.

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  •  THS TV interviews Patriots player Brandon King during his visit to THS

    THS TV:
    Writing, Producing & Performing

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    Want to be on the news? Then, THS TV is the class for you! This yearlong course focuses on the development and production of a daily newscast in which students work in various areas of studio and remote productions. Some out-of-class participation is required after school and during ZERO period.

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Senior Year Options

  • <strong>Adobe Classroom</strong> (Read More...)

    Adobe Classroom (Read More...)

    Adobe Classroom is an advanced course designed with a focus on getting students certified in Adobe products -- primarily Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, with additional study in After Effects. The course is primarily offered to seniors, with priority given to those in the TV & Film Department.

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  • <strong>Senior Internship</strong> (Read More...)

    Senior Internship (Read More...)

    Senior Internship allows students the opportunity to work with our community partners in a variety of production areas including radio, television and social media. This course serves as an independent study course, so students must be self-motivated and deadline driven. Instructor permission is required to participate.

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