• UWA Competition Results
    No Bones About It- 1st place, Kaitlyn Deason and Drew Lowrey
    Water Rockets-3rd place, Dia Montiel-Duenas and Benny Schmidt
    Solid, Liquid, or Gas- 3rd place, Braxton Franklin
    Name the Scientist- 1st place, Kernon Cooper
    Deep Blue Sea-1st place, Dia Montiel-Duenas and Colby Prosser
    Barge Building-2nd place, Braxton Franklin and Wyatt McAdams
    Starry, Starry Night- 1st place, Sam Zoebelein and Kaitlyn Deason
    Write it/Do it-3rd place, Locke Little and Sam Zoebelein
    What Went By?-2nd place, Carter Walchli and Jesse Greene
    Cool It-2nd place, Benny Schmidt and Dia Montie-Duenas
    Cool It-1st place, Kernon Cooper and Taylor Roberson
    Measurement and Metric-2nd place, Emma Walchli and Wyatt Yerby.
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  • Thompson Science Olympiad Team



    Drew Lowrey

    Micah Jones

    Wyatt Yerby

    Jesse Green

    Wyatt McAdams

    Nathan Day

    Benny Schmidt

    Alex Galloway

    Locke Little

    Dia Montiel-Duenas

    Graham Chenault

    Kaitlyn Deason

    Colby Prosser

    Alexandra Stewart

    Noah Mize

    Taylor Roberson

    Sam Zoebelein

    Braxton Franklin

    Paxton Miller

    Emma Walchli

    Carter Walchli

    Adyson Keough

    Elizabeth Smith

    Kernon Cooper

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