Enrolling as a New Student in ACS/Proof of Residency

  • The ACS Board of Education recently approved updates to the documentation needed to provide proof of residence for students to enroll in Alabaster City Schools. Proof of residence will be uploaded during the online registration process. Online registration will begin at the end of June 2023 for the 2023-2024 School Year.

    For the 2023-2024 school year, the following documentation is required for all students enrolling in Alabaster City Schools:

    • Current Alabaster Water bill (current month or past 30 days) with the service name of the custodial parent or legal guardian
    • Current mortgage statement in the name of the custodial parent or legal guardian
    • A complete copy of the original, current lease/rental agreement signed by the property owner of record that lists the name of the custodial parent or legal guardian and child(ren) as occupants.
    • Custody papers (if applicable)

    Residing with Others

    A custodial parent or legal guardian residing in a property they do not own or lease, but who are residing with the homeowner, must complete a board-approved Residency Affidavit Form in-person at the Board of Education's Central Office with the homeowner.

    The homeowner must present the following in their name at the time of the affidavit:

    An original warranty deed; current tax card OR a complete copy of the original or current mortgage statement AND an Alabaster Water Bill. 

    The custodial parent/legal guardian must also provide two of the following documents in the name of the custodial parent or legal guardian listing the address stated on the affidavit:

    • Government-issued ID
    • Driver’s license;
    • Government-issued voter registration card
    • Vehicle registration receipt
    • Other documents upon specific approval by the Superintendent or designee.

    This option is not available for leased or rented properties. For leased properties, the custodial parent or legal guardian must be listed as an occupant on the lease. 

    Affidavits must be completed in-person in front of a notary public at the Board of Education's Central Office. Affidavits provided under false pretenses will be prosecuted. Home visits will be conducted multiple times throughout the school year for all affidavits. Affidavits will be completed July 10-13 and July 31-August 3 at the Board of Education's Central Office.

    Please call 205-663-8400 for an appointment. 


    New Student Registration ONLY (NEW to the Alabaster City School System). Click the appropriate link below to register.

    If you attended any Alabaster City School last year, go to www.acsboe.org/ReturningStudent or www.acsboe.org/ReturningStudent_Spanish

    NOTE: Guidelines for primary proof of residence:

    Proof of Residency Guidelines

    If you do not have current proof of residence in your name, you must complete an affidavit with the homeowner. Please contact the Central Office to make an appointment to complete an affidavit. The phone number is 205-663-8400. Student affidavit appointments will be July 10-13 and July 31-August 3, 2023 by appointment. 


    New Student Online Registration (English):

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